A.O Smith Water Heaters – Incorporating Innovative Technologies to Lower Hot Water Costs

A.O. Smith Water Heater Atlanta GAA.O Smith is a leading company for incorporating innovative technologies in the development of water heaters. One of its water heaters namely NEXT Hybrid High efficiency gas water heater was chosen as one of the 101 best products by Professional builder in mechanical and electrical product category. Call R.S. Andrews Plumbing, A+ rated by the BBB. Find out why we’re a top rated Atlanta GA Water Heater Repair Plumber.

This company manufactures water heaters with advanced features. Water heaters manufactured by A.O Smith suit both residential and commercial users. Categories that best suit Residential users are Conventional, Hybrid, Tank less and solar water heaters. Commercial water heater classes include Gas, Electric and solar types.

Manufacturing plants of this company are located in a few of the countries globally namely the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, India and Europe. However, sale and distribution services are provided in countries all over the world.

This company also makes some water heaters focusing on the eco friendliness which consequently fall into energy star categories. Also, it benefits customers to get contractor rewards as an additional advantage. Some of water heaters made by A.O smith are also eligible for a Federal Tax credit and rebates.

For more information regarding water heaters manufactured by A.O Smith visit , local country web links can also be found in this website. In case of any inquiries and questions regarding products of A.O Smith, please contact 1-800-527-1953.

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