Apollo Water Heaters – All In One

Apollo is a brand of water heaters manufactured by Hong Kong mart. This company is based in Hong Kong. This company has manufacturing plants in Germany, China and Japan. However, their exports reach many countries like the United States, Europe, Middle East, China and Asia. R.S. Andrews is a top rated Atlanta Water Heater Repairs plumber by the BBB, so call 404-793-7887 for service and installation, today.

This company manufactures different types of water heaters, namely electric, gas, diesel/oil and Solar water heaters. In each of the types, various models are produced to suit the needs of both residential, industrial and commercial users.

Safety devices incorporated into these types of water heaters are thermostat and water leakage checking valves. Further, computerized models are also available with advanced options like time setup is system and remote controlling system.

Added advantage in choosing Apollo water heaters is that these units come up with a lining of passivated stainless steel and special metal called INCO800 to prevent corrosion and provide long life to the products. http://leaguecityplumber.us/

Due its world-wide reach we can ensure a quick delivery of water heating units. Apart from these, it also provides warranty and customer support services to ensure services are maintained through the life of their product. Additionally, some of the models are environmentally conscious. Read more.