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Bradford-White Water Heaters in Atlanta GA

Bradford-White is a company that manufactures water heaters that are a top choice of the Atlanta GA Water Heater Repairs plumber, R,S. Andrews. Water heaters manufactured by this company are technologically advanced. This company is based in the United States and Canada.

Residential and Commercial Atlanta Water Heaters From Bradford-White

Water heaters manufactured by this company broadly fall into two categories Commercial and Residential types. Commercial types of water heaters are further grouped as a gas (Natural and Propane), Electric, oil and Indirect water heaters. For residential users additional category water heaters are helpful like Solar and Tank less water heaters. Apart from these, this company also sells accessories which help customers to go for repairing services.

This company water heating units are having international reach.
There are a couple of specificities regarding the sale and installation of water heaters manufactured by this company. Firstly, they are not sold in any local retail store rather only in a wholesale store. Secondly, water heaters are professionally installed but not in an unprofessional manner to save money.

In addition, it provides warranty and customer support services. Also on the official website, there exists a section where information is provided regarding the energy factors of water heaters.

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