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Kenmore Water Heater Repairs in Atlanta GA

Kenmore is a manufacturer of water heaters which are known for their long life and reliable nature. It is a US based company which delivers its products all over North America. Call R.S. Andrews to repair or replace your Atlanta water heater today. Call 404-793-7887 to reach the BBB A+ rated Atlanta plumber you can trust to do the job right the first time.

This manufacturing company produces water heaters of different types which are tailored to meet the needs of residential owners. Kenmore water heaters come in different shapes and sizes suiting consumer conveniences and requirements. One may opt for larger water heaters to supply hot water to all rooms in a home or for smaller water heaters for each bathroom and kitchen. This company manufactures and sells both of the above types of water heating units.

In case, if there is any requirement to block out on the limited supply of water due to high demand, tank less water heaters will be of best choice.

Some of the water heaters manufactured by this company are energy star rated and are also eligible for federal tax credit. Discount deals are provided by this company on an occasional basis. These deals may be an option for customers who want to spare their funds for making purchases of Kenmore water heaters.

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