Polaris water heaters – Thermal efficiency at its best.

Polaris Water Heater Repairs in Atlanta GA

Polaris water heaters are a type of water heaters produced by the American water heaters brand. This brand is based in America. Polaris water heaters company is based in Johnson City, Tennessee, where manufacturing operations and research and development on water heaters is done. The main motto behind the manufacture of this type of water heaters is to provide highest thermal efficiency possible. If you need repair or installation, call R.S. Andrews Plumbing, the Atlanta Water Heater team that has a BBB A+ rating. Call 404-793-7887 today.

Polaris water heaters usually suit the needs of Residential users. These products come with a variety of specifications. Firstly, materials used to construct these water heaters are made of stainless steel and are incombustible. Secondly, these water heaters are equipped with a Temperature controlling unit to monitor the heating of water. Thirdly, these appliances are insulated using non-CFC foam.

Added advantages in opting for these types of water heaters are – easy procedures to install and repair the water heaters, these machines perform operations with-out producing much sound (whisper quiet operations), Limited warranty for a decade and just less than 100% thermal efficiency.

All the models of Polaris water heaters are eligible for Federal Tax credits and qualify for the Energy star program.

This company provides customer support through publishing downloadable Trouble shooting guides and Instruction manuals in their official websites.

For more information visit the Polaris water heater website or call 1.800.999.9515.