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Rheem Water Heater Repairs in Atlanta GA

Rheem is an internationally reputed company for its reliability and quality. Its headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. You may know this company is a place where cooling and heating systems of both old and integrated types are made. Manufacturing plants are located all over the United States namely in locations like Arkansas, Alabama, California and Minnesota. Call the Atlanta water heater team at the top rated Atlanta plumber, R.S. Andrews Plumbing, at 404-793-7887 today.

This company manufactures a wide variety of water heaters featuring from old tank water heaters to tankless water heaters and solar water heaters. Tank heaters are made in such a way that they can use either gas (Gas water heaters) or electricity (Electric water heaters) as an energy source to perform operations.

The reach of Rheem is world-wide especially in countries in the pacific region like Australia, Singapore and in American continents like Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Choosing a water heater of Rheem made is advantageous because of the following features that it provides. It is an ISO certified company, so we can assure that water heaters are of standard quality. Due its world-wide reach we can ensure a quick delivery of water heating units.

Apart from these, it also provides warranty and customer support services to ensure services are maintained through the life of their product. Additionally, in the company’s official website it has a section where saving and energy saves can be compared and calculated between their indigenous water heaters with others.

For any inquiries and questions regarding the products, visit the Rheem website and fill out the form.

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