Richmond – Rich in technologies of water heaters

Richmond is a brand of water heaters produced by RHEEM. RHEEM is based in USA and has its stores all across the country.

The Richmond brand offers water heaters of two types: Residential and Commercial. R.S. Andrews Plumbing installs and repairs these and other top brands. Call the Atlanta Water Heater Repairs plumber your neighbors trust (judging from the reviews on Google Places and at 404-793-7887.

Residential water heaters are further classified into Gas, electric, Tank less, Hybrid and solar types. However, only electric and gas types are available to be chosen by Commercial users. These products are available with different warranty options-from 6years to 12 years.

There are several advantages for choosing Richmond water heaters. Firstly, these water heaters have technology of fast recovery. Secondly, these water heating units are made up of materials which are capable of resisting any fire accidents with the machine (LIFE GUARDTM Stainless steel materials). Website

Thirdly, some problems may result during installation of water heaters, keeping those in mind water heaters are preinstalled with temperature and pressure valves. Additionally, Tanks are protected using Porcelain materials which provide resistance to corrosion.
Some of the Richmond water heaters are also equipped with self cleaning technology. This upgraded technology facilitates in erasing any hot spots that may form during the process of heating the water.

For more information regarding Richmond water heaters visit Richmond Water Heaters website or call 800.621.5672.