Ruud – First in invention, largest in North America

Ruud is named after a mechanical engineer who was first in inventing an automatic gas water heater in 1950’s. Thereafter, the company has grown into largest water heater manufacturers in North America. This company’s main motto is to produce reliable, long lasting and efficient water heating units. Call the Atlanta GA Water Heater Repairs plumber with a BBB A+ rating, R.S. Andrews plumbing, to have a Ruud water heater installed in your home or business today.

The water heater division of this company is based in Alabama. However, for quick delivery to any area in the continent in North America, stocks of water heaters are maintained in some locations of USA, Canada and Mexico. In the case of all round the globe deliveries, distributors cross across the countries for export services.

Water heaters that this company manufactures can be categorized into Residential and Commercial types. Tank, solar and tankless water heaters fall into Residential category. For Industry users, manufacture of water heaters is made by having an overview of each phase of the production process in the industry.

Apart from manufacturing services, this company also provides top solutions in case of water heater repairs by selling accessories. This manufacturing company of water heaters is best in equipping new design technologies for broadening production lines.

Customer support services provided by this company are warranty, product information to consumers and technical assistance and application support to plumbers and contractors.

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