State Industries Water Heaters – Over 500 Water Heater Models

State Industries are a company that manufactures a wide variety of water heaters in Atlanta of over 500 types. This company is best in incorporation of advanced technologies for improving characteristics of its products like long lasting life. Call R.S. Andrews, trusted Atlanta plumber, to service or install one for you today at 404-793-7887.

The head quarter of this company is located in Ashland City, Tennessee. However, manufacturing and distribution are done at different sites all over the United States. State water heaters are useful for both residential and commercial users.

Residential type water heaters produced by this company use either electricity or gas as an energy source. The same is with the commercial water heaters. Further there are different models in each category which best suit the needs of consumers.

Tank less water heaters are also an option for the homeowners who are looking to save energy and want to accommodate the heating unit in a smaller space.

Customer support services provided by this company include an option for performing warranty checks by the consumers and uploading the instruction manuals into the official website which guide through the installation and usage of water heaters.

Apart from these this company also manufactures and sells individual parts and accessories of water heaters.
For more information visit State Industries Water Heater website or call 1.800.365.8170.

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