Whirlpool water heaters – Unique by having 6th sense

Whirlpool Water Heater Repairs in Atlanta GAWhirlpool is a multinational company who has developed many useful household products till date which include water heaters. The manufacturing division of water heaters is based in America. Call the R.S. Andrews Atlanta Water Heater team today.

The reach of Whirlpool water heaters is only within America till date and hence the name American Water heaters.

This company manufactures water heaters suitable for use in homes. Two types of water heaters are made to choose from by the homeowner, they are gas type and electric type. Further there are models in each type based on the specifications regarding size and energy efficiency.

Some of the water heaters produced by Whirlpool are eligible for federal tax credit and also qualify for the energy star program because of their environmental consciousness and eco friendly nature.

Whirlpool water heaters have an added advantage over other water heaters by having an advanced technology called 6th sense. This 6th sense technology monitors the activity inside the water heater and optimizes the operation for our benefit/use.

Customer support services provided by this company are product manual and installation manual/video uploads in the website for easy reference and provision for performing warranty checks of water heaters.

For more information regarding the water heaters from Whirlpool please visit the website  or call to (877) 817-6750.