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What causes a sewer line to back up?

There are many reasons for a sewer line to back up. It might be blocked for a lot of reasons. If you have a tree outside your yard, then its strong roots will usually be the culprit of the blockage. Roots are attracted to the sewer pipe moisture and warmth in your sewer pipeline. The strong roots seek openings through loose pipeline joints or small cracks on your sewer lines penetrating your sewer pipes. Even if your pipes are made from pvc, these are still not immune to root penetration. Therefore you need plumbing specialists that are keen in diagnosing and solving your sewer line problems.

Snake Clogged Drain Lines Chamblee GA 404-793-7887

Professional plumbers don’t use chemical liquids in clearing drains. Instead, they use a plumbing snake (drain auger), a 1/4″ thick, long steel spiral spring that’s around 20″ feet long. The plumbing tool is curled up into a holder which allows plumbers to crank it around.  Plumbers use the plumbing snake as a clog tool which they insert into clogged drains. While holding the end, they uncurl the spiral spring which typically works like a screw since it pulls itself all the way down into the drain. The spring snakes its way around the corners and bends of your drain pipe allowing you to remove any blockage along the way.

Chamblee GA Plumber Backed-up Toilets

A backed-up toilet can be such a hassle and can certainly cloud your day. Trust professional plumbers to clear the clog out of your toilet. We have a team that can provide you with reliable full plumbing service 7 days a week all throughout the year. Our plumbers are highly experienced and are quick in solving your clogged-up toilet, relieving you of worries immediately.