Atlanta Sewer Repair Plumbing Contractor

Everyone. sooner or later, has need for an Atlanta  plumber. The toilet stops flowing, and your kitchen sink won’t drain, so call for sewer repair. The R.S. Andrews team is on call nights and weekend to help you fast.

Our staff will be there for you anytime of the day or night for plumbing emergencies like a clogged drain line; someone will answer the phone to help you. First, whether it’s you or someone you’ve hired, you have to figure out what happened.

What Clogs Your Atlanta Sewer?

There are several things can clog a sewer line and require you to cal our Atlanta sewer repair plumbers. In some cases, a sag or crack in the pipe (pipe belly) creates a place for sewage to pile up. This eventually blocks the flow, or keeps drop gate from opening into the street pipe. When this happens, the drains in your house or business won’t work.

Of course, excess sewage can easily block a drain by itself, especially if you put stuff down there that shouldn’t be. The problem may not be your fault at all, such as an improperly installed pipe or a pipe that has corroded to the point of collapse because of age. For all of these causes, there is one solution: Call an Atlanta sewer repair plumbing contractor.

How to repair your sewer line depends on the problem:

Atlanta Trenchless Sewer Repair and Clearing a Blocked Sewer

If the sewer pipe is faulty, it needs to be replaced. Don’t worry; you won’t need your property completely dug up. New technology allows our Atlanta sewer repair team to go into the pipe from a small excavation nearby. There are two techniques. Their use depends upon whether the pipe is completely ruined or just slightly weakened.

If the sewer pipe needs to be completely replaced there is pipe bursting, equipment is drawn through it that shatters the pipe, a new pipe is snaked in behind as the fragments are drawn out. If the pipe just need strengthening, a material is drawn into the pipe or a replacement pipe that when heated expands to fill the pipe. This is pipe lining: literally lining the inside of a pipe with another pipe. Also see sewer pipe bursting and sewer pipe relining.

If the pipe is clogged, you are in luck. The techniques are simple, and involves the shooting jets of water (hydro jetting) into the pipe from one end while the drain gate to the city line is kept open. This ensures the blockage is drawn out. Another method is for a plumber to use a snake to push the blockage through or to pull it out through a drain further up the line. This is best for commercial sewer lines.

Who is Responsible?

Whoever owns the pipe or has agreed to use it is responsible. If its in your yard, sewer repairs are your responsibility. If the source of the cloggged draind is at the street, the City of Atlanta, or you local town is responsible.

That’s why we have video sewer inspection. It helps locate the blockage and the type of problem the sewer pipe is experiencing without digging. Call 404-793-7887 for fast, low cost Atlanta sewer repair.