Navien Water Heater – More Technologically Advanced Options in One Outstanding Tankless Water Heater

Navien Water Heater Atlanta Plumber

Navien is an American based company, with a continent wide reach to different locations in Canada and USA. R.S. Andrews, top rated Atlanta plumber, installs and services Tankless Water Heaters in Atlanta GA. Call 404-793-7887 today.

This company manufactures an ultra efficient type of tank less water heater, which suits for needs of residential and commercial users. Various sized models are available ranging from inputs of 15,000-199,000 BTU/h. All these models use only gas as an energy source (namely natural and propane gases).

There are many reasons so as to why a customer should choose Navien tank less water heaters. Some of them are ultra condensing efficiency, low operating costs, improved longevity and eco-friendly nature of the products. This tank less water heater can also be appreciated for their space saving designs.

Navien Tankless Water Heaters Safety Measures

Safety measures incorporated into Navien tankless water heaters are Dual microprocessors, Gas pressure sensors, Leak detectors and Air intake filters.
Navien Tank less water heaters qualify for the energy star program and are also eligible for federal tax credit. The tax credit option provides consumers option to redeem some of the money spent to buy tank less water heaters which are of slightly higher price when compare to tank water heaters.

For more information on Navien tank less water heaters please visit their website or call 800-519-8794.