Maintenance Tips for your BathroomHow often do you clean your bathroom? Everyday? Hhmm, I doublt it? Once a week every week is more like it. On average, most homeowners normally clean their bathroom at least once or twice a week, while some individuals hardly do any maintenance at all.

Your bathroom is one place in your home that typically gets neglected. In fact, most homeowners only think of cleaning their home when they have guests around. Well why wait for that to happen when you can keep your bathroom looking spic and span by following these simple maintenance tips.

10 Quick Maintenance Tips For Your Bathrooms

1. After your daily shower, do your best to wipe off the soap and water from the tub and faucets to prevent hard-to-remove mineral deposits.

2.  As much as possible, always use a flat, micro-fiber cloth to clean your mirror when you see water spots.

3. Use a squeegee to wipe off the water off your shower curtain to avoid hard water marks that rub off from your curtain leaving spots and stains on your tub and walls.

4. At least once a week, try to put hot running water down the drain of your bath tub to keep it free-flowing and clear of clogs.

5. Never flush tissues, cotton balls, tampon, diapers and other waste in your toilet or you will end up with a messy clog.

6. Repair leaks on your faucets to avoid major damage to fixtures and to your whole piping system.

7. To remove hard stains on your shower head, soak it with vinegar overnight to eliminate water spots.

8. Bathroom sinks and tubs should always have strainers to keep hairs and soap chips from going down the drain.

9. Dirt and mineral water deposits can clog the the small inlet and outlet holes of your shower head resulting to uneven sprays, so be sure to clean it with a thin wire regularly.

10.  Remove messy toiletries off the counter of your sink such as toothpaste, cologne, soaps and lotion making sure to put them in containers to avoid clutter.

These simple maintenance tips can make your bathroom a haven of relaxation and can help keep it in great condition saving you much on plumbing repair expenses.