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Don’t let a clogged kitchen sink or bath tub drains overflow your life

Working drains in the house is an awful lot like breathing; it’s not something you notice until it’s not working right. And most of us don’t think at all about an Atlanta plumber until we are dealing with a clogged kitchen sink or bath tub drains. But if the water is backing up, and your patience is overflowing like the tub, it’s definitely time to make that call to R.S. Andrews Plumbing.

Dealing with clogged drains is not a one size fits all job

Almost anything can cause a clogged kitchen sink or bath tub drains. Grease, food, hair, tree roots, even the sewer or septic system backing up can all play a role in the slow or non draining water. Plunging or pouring some clog buster down the drain may get the water moving for now, but it will present itself once again without a thorough check of the pipes. Using state of the art detection techniques, your local plumber can find the exact spot of the clog, and what it’s made of.

Major Plumbing Problems Need Major Plumbing Help.

Now, if tree roots have infiltrated the drain pipes, or the sewer lines are backing up, that is not within the realm of most homeowners ability to deal with. Backed up sewers and septic systems can cause more than a clogged kitchen sink or bath tub drains; they can overflow and cover parts of the house in raw sewage. If the water seems to back up, is black or smells like sewage, make that call now before you have a living nightmare in your home.

A clogged kitchen sink or bath tub drains may seem innocent enough, but they may belie a possible time bomb. Let your plumber check, as it is better to have them and their expertise should you need it then go it alone.

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