Natural Gas Lines and Natural Gas Leaks Repaired by Atlanta Plumber R.S. Andrews

Atlanta GA Gas Leak Repairs

Natural gas is one of the greatest as well as abundant natural resources in America, and its used to heat and cook in every Atlanta home. Sometime you want to add a gas line to the fire place for artificial logs or run it out to your grill. Call the Better Business Bureau A+ rated Atlanta plumber, R. S. Andrews at 404-793-7887.

If you smell gas in your home, call the fire department and gas company to cut off the gas. Then call us. Our Atlanta plumbing team can help with you gas lines as well as leaks.

There’s not much difference from water lines and the natural gas pipes. Both of them are under pressure from what is moving through them, they will corrode over the years, develop leakages, and should be inspected.

Do you smell that “rotten egg” odorant that is added to natural gas?

If you do pick up the odor of leaking natural gas, make absolutely no attempt to find the source. Put out any and all open fires from stoves and water heaters. Switch off the supply and get out of the building until help arrives.