Maintenance Tips For Your KitchenYour kitchen is an important part of your home which should be kept clean at all times. This is where you spend hours cooking your food and preparing different kinds of meals, so it needs to be considerably clean.

A filthy kitchen can harbor in bacteria, dirt and several diseases, while you prepare your food, so make sure to thoroughly clean it every single day.

Here are a few maintenance tips that can help keep your kitchen squeaky clean.

10 Kitchen Maintenance and Plumbing Tips

1. Keep the plumbing condition in your kitchen in top shape to make sure food preparation goes smooth and is as clean as possible.

2. Never put whole leftover food or huge cuts of fruits and veggies into your sink garbage disposer. These things are hard to grind and can make the blades go dull and blunt.

3. Makes sure you put cold running water down the drain of your kitchen sink for about 15-20 seconds before and after you use the garbage disposer to help flush waste down the pipeline.

4. Never put excess cooking oil or grease down the drain. Instead, use a paper towel to wipe off the grease from your pots and pans before you wash them on the sink or in the dishwasher.

5. Always clean your garbage disposer regularly by putting dish detergent into it when its running. Foul odors of food debris coming from your garbage disposer can creep up to your sink and fill up the air in your kitchen with an awful smell.

6. In case your garbage disposer stops and doesn’t work, never put your finger or any object down the drain. Instead, turn off the power switch, push the restart button. and turn the garbage disposer on again. If it still doesn’t work, then call your trusted plumbing contractor.

7. Never let dirty dishes pile up in your sink. This can make your kitchen look filthy and unhygienic.

8. Scrape off leftover vegetables, large cuts of meat and chunks of steak or chicken bones off your plates and put them all in the trash can.

9. Be sure to empty out your trash regularly to keep your kitchen air clean and healthy.

10.  Be sure to keep your counter, sink, faucet and other kitchen metal fixtures dry by wiping excess water off it, to remove mineral water stains from accumulating on them.

Keeping your kitchen sparkling clean and clutter-free is a task that needs to be done thoroughly.