Atlanta GA PEX Tubing

First was steel, after that copper steaming, now the next generation in water delivery comes from PEX tubing and fittings. And while PEX has many advantages over its predecessors, care should still be taken to make sure that it is the right product for your job. Call the PEX tubing experts at R.S. Andrews, the BBB A+ Atlanta plumber, at 404-793-7887.

What is PEX tubing anyway?

PEX piping as well as fittings tend to be polyethylene plastic that has cross links. Formed into a tube, this will make for a quite strong and dependable water shipping system.

How is PEX better than copper for repiping?

PEX piping and fittings are easier to install, especially in a repiping job,, because they are flexible, and can be made to suit under the sink a lot easier for instance. PVC and copper water lines all require elbow joints if they are journey in anything other than the straight line.

Also, PEX doesn’t have to be soldered together like copper, so there is no fire risk while installing the water lines. Once installed, you will enjoy a long life cycle or the product. PEX tubing doesn’t corrode and may be expected in order to last around 50 years under normal operating conditions. Also it can be used with regard to either hot or cold water with equal relieve.

PEX Tubing Isn’t for Every Job

Because PEX piping and fittings tend to be polyethylene plastic, they don’t stand up well to uv light. Subjection to sunshine will cause the PEX to become brittle, and then fail from the water pressure. This particular failure continues to be documented to occur in as little as thirty days of direct sunlight exposure. So, if the sunlight might strike the piping, better go with PVC or even copper. Or even the pipes need to be well protected to keep the sun’s rays off the PEX.

PEX piping and fixtures can certainly be a savings, in material as well as labor expenses due to its ease of use and set up. And once it is installed, the likelihood of the PEX tubing failing is much less than with all other water line types, even in freezing situations.

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