Atlanta Repiping Plumbers

It’s not a matter of if, but rather when you might end up repiping your home. Even with the newer PEX water lines that have come out, they too have a limited useful life. Metal piping is going to corrode sooner or later, and even PVC doesn’t weather high temps and direct sunlight too well. R. S. Andrews is a Top Better Business Bureau rated Atlanta plumber. Call them at 404-793-7887 for your Atlanta repiping job.

Repiping is a major undertaking, not for the DIY

If the frame of the house is the skeleton, think of the piping as the circulatory system. And repiping your home is on par with major surgery; it requires a knowledgeable and competent professional that knows what they are doing to do it right and with as little disruption of your life as possible. The yard is going to have to be dug up, walls torn out and replaced, and potentially the house won’t be livable for days at a time. But if you hire the right plumber to do the work, they can get the major work done quickly, and then finish up a piece at a time so that once the day is over, the water can be turned back on until the next day.

What should be used for repiping your home? PVC, Copper, PEX Tubing

For the value, the newer PEX water lines are your best bet. With the ability to carry hot and cold water with equal ease, they are almost as simple to install as hooking up a water hose. Their 50 year useful life means that they will hold up for years to come, meaning that once the repiping is done, it won’t be a worry for along time. But, some areas and applications will still require either PVC or even metal piping of some sort due to structural requirements. Your plumber will be able to advise and offer the best solution should the time for repiping your home.